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Ada's Vineyard Lodges

5253 Monterey Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, USA
805.226.7431 / 805.226.8467 (Fax)

Welcome Ada’s Lodges opened their first two facilities in 2009. The premier eldercare facilities of Mission Lodge and Monterey Lodge opened at their current locations, 5255 and 5253 Monterey Rd, in northern Paso Robles, California. The lodges are owned and operated by Kathy Tucker and her husband Gary Davies Tucker, a local contractor. These first lodges were inspired by Kathy’s search for the perfect spot for her aging grandmother, Ada. Mission Lodge specializes in dementia care, and Monterey Lodge provides care and independence for seniors with medical and cognitive disabilities, related to strokes, Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses. Each of these lodges have 10 rooms and their own kitchen and family areas, making them feel homelike and encouraging personalized care. Mission and Monterey Lodge are located in an active vineyard, providing seniors with the beautiful surroundings of vineyard and mountain views, typical of Paso Robles.

All three lodges provide assistance with daily living activities. Staff is available to help with dressing, bathing, medication management, and activities. Residents are encouraged to participate in activities of their choice, and assistance with activities both individual and group is offered as needed. All of Ada’s Lodges were designed by owners Kathy Tucker and her husband to meet the service needs of an assisted living facility. They have large residential care rooms to allow for all levels of mobility aides. Staff is specially trained to assist in the needs of the elderly, including incontinence care, bathing and dressing, and personalized activities. The Lodges' co-owner and director, Kathy Tucker, is a nurse with more than 30 years experience in geriatric care. She and her staff provide assistance with all of the activities of daily living, while focusing on independence and resident choices.