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Twin Cities Hospital announces new state-of-the-art CT machine 

The Siemens Definition AS 64 Slice

The Siemens Definition AS 64 Slice

–Twin Cities Community Hospital recently announced the installation of a new Siemens Definition AS 64 Slice. The new CT (computed tomography) has the highest slice count available and can reduce the patient’s radiation during the process up to 70-percent.

Slice count refers to how frequently a narrow beam of x-rays quickly rotates around the body, producing signals that are processed by the machine’s computer to generate cross-sectional images.

“Having the Siemens Definition AS 64 Slice at Twin Cities Community Hospital is one more way we bring first-rate diagnostics to our patients and can help with better outcomes,” said Nathan Nybakke, Director of Radiology, Cardiology, and Neurodiagnostics, Tenet Health Central Coast. “For example, the quality of the scanner allows for reducing the visual noise of metal objects, like teeth fillings, and also can tell if the brain is getting enough blood to certain areas. It has a multitude of uses that empower our clinicians to bring the best level of care.”

CT scans can detect health issues quickly without surgery. Reasons CT scans are recommended include detecting bone and joint problems, fractures, tumors, internal injuries, blood clots, cancer, heart disease, lung and liver diseases. Doctors often use CT images to guide treatment plans and procedures as well as determining if certain treatments are working.



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