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Twin Cities elects 2016 governing board officers, members 

Twin_Hospital_4000x3000-300x225Meg Williamson will serve as chair

Paso Robles Assistant City Manager Meg Williamson. Photo from linkedin.

Paso Robles Assistant City Manager Meg Williamson. Photo from linkedin.

–The Twin Cities Community Hospital Governing Board recently confirmed its 2016 officers and members. Meg Williamson, assistant city manager for the City of Paso Robles will serve as chair of the 15-member body of corporate representatives, staff physicians and community representatives. The board is charged with overseeing the medical staff, the quality of professional services, and general business affairs of the hospital. Shan Thomas, M.D., an OB/GYN in Templeton, will serve as vice chair and Deb Mecham, project manager for Verizon in Paso Robles, will serve as secretary/treasurer.

Incoming board members include two new community representatives: Joel Peterson, director of communications for Solterra Strategies in Paso Robles; and Robert Rosales, a real estate broker and 2014 Templeton Chamber Person of the Year.

“After considering several potential candidates, the Governing Board is happy to inaugurate these esteemed leaders as hospital and community representatives for 2016,” says Twin Cities CEO Mark Lisa. “With the assistance of these talented, dedicated members, we will continue to provide the North County community with the best healthcare, the safest environment, and the greatest customer care possible.”

Continuing Governing Board members include Kevin Kennedy, founder of Kennedy Club Fitness; Michael Manchak, president and CEO of the Economic Vitality Corporation; Edward Steinbeck, a real estate agent in Paso Robles; Andrew Anthony, M.D., Chief of Staff for Twin Cities; Thomas Hale, M.D., medical director for the Twin Cities’ Emergency Department; Randolph Lawrence, M.D., a general surgeon in Templeton; Steve McAllen, M.D., an internal medicine physician in Templeton; Jonathan Riegler, M.D., a gastroenterologist in Templeton; and Sergio Toledo, M.D., a hospitalist at Twin Cities.



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