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Templeton CHP to deploy extra patrol officers 


–When COVID-19 precautions forced thousands of Californians to stay home from work, the roadways suddenly became less congested and more open for travel. Some drivers took this as an opportunity to drive incredibly fast as if they were the only ones using the freeway, according to California Highway Patrol.

Now a lot of Californians are getting back to work and the roadways are getting more and more congested, but some people are “still driving like they are out there all alone.”

Despite ordinary enforcement efforts, California has seen a significant increase in vehicles traveling at very high rates of speed. The increased prevalence of speeding has been followed by an increase in injury and fatal traffic collisions statewide.

Unfortunately, however, speed and other collision-causing violations such as distracting driving, unsafe turning movements, and driving under the influence are still increasing here along the Central Coast and in Northern San Luis Obispo County. From March 1, 2020 through July 30, 2020, nine people have died in traffic collisions in Northern San Luis Obispo County. Speed has been a contributing factor in the majority of these tragic events.

In an effort to encourage the motoring public to slow down and drive safely, CHP will be utilizing grant-funded overtime to deploy additional uniformed officers on patrol from now until after Labor Day. These additional officers will be out on patrol specifically looking for those committing traffic violations that are considered Primary Collision Factor (PCF). These are violations that are known to be the primary cause of collisions (i.e. speeding, unsafe lane changes, distracted driving, following too close, and of course DUI). In line with the PCF violations seat belts violations will continue to be strictly enforced.



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