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Promoted articles are a great new advertising option 

Templeton promoted articles

Engage locals with content that reads like editorial

Native advertising is sponsored content that is designed to look and feel of the content around it in a publication. It’s a popular advertising choice available in national media like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Locally, native advertising is available in the form of promoted articles in the Templeton Community Guide.

Sponsored content is designed to blend in with editorial content. Examples range from story packages to sponsor-written posts. Publications use a variety of media, including text, videos and photos, and extend the reach of the content via social media and email promotions.

Native advertising is a powerful advertising option

  • People view native ads 53-percent more frequently than traditional ads.
  • Native advertising can increase brand lift by as much as 82-percent.
  • Purchase intent is 53-percent higher when consumers click on native ads instead of traditional ads.
  • Native ads containing rich media can boost conversion by as much as 60-percent.


One great way to get in touch with a local audience via native advertising is by purchasing a promoted article in the Templeton Community Guide. Sometimes an advertiser has more to say than will fit in a display ad, making a promoted article a better way to communicate to your target audience.

The staff at Access Publishing, publisher of the Templeton Community Guide, can professionally write and edit your article, provide a proof, and distribute your message widely to the community.

Purchasing a promoted article includes:

  • Article highlighted on home page
  • Article posted on website indefinitely
  • Email distribution to over 4,000 subscribers
  • Facebook post to 15,000 followers
  • Additional social media post posts to Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn

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