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Large residential and commercial project opening soon in Atascadero 

Aerial view of La Plaza under construction on El Camino Real in Atascadero. Photo by Todd Bellman/Skydata AI

La Plaza building set to open in May

–For the past four years, planning and construction of a large mixed-use residential and commercial site in downtown Atascadero has taken place along El Camino Real. Now, locals can expect to enjoy new shopping and dining experiences at La Plaza starting in late spring through fall as construction is completed.

La Plaza will consist of two, three-story buildings along El Camino Real with 17,600 square feet of commercial and retail space, including a rooftop bar, and 42 residential condos located on the upper floors. The first building is expected to open in May 2021, and the second building in August 2021.

Four of the condos will be higher-end with a larger space, while the remaining 38 condos would be considered conventional. Garage space and street parking will be located on-site as well. “Both buildings feature architectural tower elements and beautiful Palladian designs and exterior finishes,” says builder Max Zappas, one of the founders of Z Villages Management & Development. “Those Palladian design characteristics and finishes are taken from Italian Renaissance architecture and that is what our town founder used when designing the city hall and other former civic buildings.” In addition, street enhancements and a public plaza by the City of Atascadero is being constructed right next to La Plaza that will allow for more parking and space for events.

Z Villages Management & Development is “working on improving the downtown in many avenues and we are confident the City of Atascadero is headed in an amazing direction towards much more commercial success and viability…” says Zappas. “It is a telling sign that our commercial successes are building on each other and Atascadero is truly becoming a great place for business. We reach out to businesses and owners constantly to try to attract them and gauge their interest in our available spaces,” Zappas says. “Through that process, we receive valuable feedback and we hear constantly how excited people are about the beautiful transformation Atascadero is undergoing as a whole but especially in the downtown.”

La Plaza will be connected to other projects in development to create a cohesive retail experience. Located behind La Plaza are the Colony Market and Deli and the Block Shops shipping container project, where shops such as the Ancient Owl Beer Garden, Negranti Creamery, and Stellar and Sun Hat Co. are planned.

Z Villages is a local, family-owned business that focuses on providing help with property management, development, consultations, and more. Z 3 LLC, the owner of La Plaza, is the family team of father Mike Zappas, daughter Zoe Zappas, and son Max. “We are leasing the ground floor and would love to hear from more restaurants and retail businesses,” Max Zappas said. “The company can be reached at its Instagram page @atascaderolaplaza, or website atascaderolaplaza.com.

Atascadero construction.mp4 from Todd Bellman on Vimeo.



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