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Homeowners reminded to stay vigilant during weed abatement season 

weed abatement

Spring showers bring May flowers and, unfortunately, weeds. Though it currently seems that the rain is never going to stop, it is important to start thinking about the
upcoming fire season. Above average levels of rainfall this past winter and spring will contribute to extreme weed and grass growth, leading to a potentially dangerous fire
season. The Templeton Fire and Emergency Services Department would like to remind residents to remove dead vegetation to create a defensible space to improve your
home’s chance of surviving a wildfire.

Weed Abatement ensures that property owners maintain a defensible space around their properties that would allow firefighters to effectively stop fires from spreading from
open space areas to homes and other structures.

Each year, Templeton Fire & Emergency Services Weed Abatement Program begins with the Templeton CSD Board of Directors, through resolution, declaring weeds to be a
public nuisance, and the public is duly noticed. Weed Abatement notices are mailed to properties where a problem is anticipated or where the property, if not abated, can pose a threat during the dry season.

It is important to know that inspections are conducted throughout the dry season until the first significant rains happen and the property must be maintained in order to remain in compliance. Even if a property owner abates their property early in the season, there is potential for re-growth. If at any time the property is determined to be a hazard, the property may be abated by the District’s contractor without additional notice.

Templeton Fire and Emergency Services handles questions, complaints and abatement for all developed commercial and residential properties.

Please help us keep Templeton fire-safe with the abatement of weeds and by following these fire prevention tips:

  • Use gas and electric powered equipment during cooler, less windy hours before
    10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. when sparks are not as likely to create accidental fires.
  • Lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns, not weeds or dry grass.
  • Metal blades striking rocks can create sparks and start fires. Use caution.
  • Never pull your vehicle over in dry grass.
  • Make sure all portable gasoline-powered equipment have spark arresters.
  • Report any suspicious activities to prevent arson.
  • Keep all weeds and grasses below 4-inches in height.
  • Remove all dead vegetation from your property, including dead or diseased


To help responders in an emergency please make sure your house address is clearly marked and visible with a contrasting background at the entrance to your property
(numbers 4″ high with a 3/8″ brush stroke).

If possible, the numbers should be reflective and located at three locations:

  1. On each side of your mailbox as you do not know what directions emergency
    responders may be coming from;
  2. On the front part of your home where it can be easily seen; and
  3. Painted on the curb in front of your home or on a monument type sign located
    near the public street for rural homes.

Templeton Fire and Emergency Services thanks everyone in advance for doing their part to make 2019 a safe fire season.