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Heart to Heart Real Estate invokes community change through giving 

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Local Real Estate Agents Donate $15,625 from sales commissions to Restorative Partners

Heart to Heart Real Estate brings community partnership to action. A donation of $16,625 was recently gifted to Restorative Partners by founders Mark McConnell and Liz Lee. Clients who choose to work with Heart to Heart are part of a local movement to give back to charitable organizations and causes in San Luis Obispo County and beyond, knowing 50% of their commissions support local philanthropy. Restorative Partners is a non-profit organization that serves people impacted by crime with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their diverse needs. Working together with clients who are buying or selling a home, Heart to Heart offers professional expertise while building better communities through their mission of philanthropy.

“It’s been a gift to business with Mark and Liz, they are driven by mission to help people that need to be lifted up. Restorative Partners is about transforming lives impacted by crime, through healing services and relationships,” said Sister Theresa, Restorative Partners, Executive Director.

Founders, McConnell and Lee bring over 30 years of local real estate experience to Heart to Heart, which they founded in August 2013. The duo operates under a work ethic of “giving back” and launched Heart to Heart with the intent of gifting 50% of their commissions from real estate sales to noteworthy causes designated by the client. Heart to Heart has donated over $600,000 to more than 50 nonprofits in the past four years.

“These funds go on to improve lives, spread awareness, and invoke change right here in our local area,” say McConnell and Lee. “We are proud of our business model which allows us to have a successful business in San Luis Obispo County while supporting our heartfelt commitment to affect massive change through community partnerships.”

Heart to Heart Real Estate

Combining more than 30 years experience in all types of real estate, partners Mark McConnell and Liz Lee joined forces in August 2013 to create a business that utilizes their professional expertise and supports their core value of philanthropy. Real estate transactions support the community with 50% of all commissions gifted to nonprofit organizations, as chosen by Heart to Heart clients. The Heart to Heart inspiration comes from their ‘old-fashioned’ work ethic with a desire to give back to those in need. www.hearttoheartrealestate.com.



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