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Free compost program offered through Mid-State Solid Waste 

Templeton Community Services District is reminding Templeton residents & Mid-State Solid Waste customers to utilize the curbside composting program offered through Mid-State.mid-state solid waste

The program is free, easy, and environmentally friendly. Participating customers receive a small pail to store in their kitchen, or even outside. The pail has a sticker reminding the customer of what can and cannot be composted.

Acceptable items are egg shells, fruits, vegetables, and coffee grinds. Animal-based products such as meat and bones cannot be composted. Once the container is full, customers can dump their compostables into their regular green waste container for pickup. These compostable items are then turned into compost.

Additionally, customers who lose or damage their compost pails can call Mid-State to request a free replacement.

Direct questions about the compost program to Mid-State Solid Waste at (805) 434-3408.



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