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Clean up pet waste: It’s your ‘Doodie!’ 

–When your dog goes on the lawn, it doesn’t just go on the lawn. Picking up after your pet shows you are a responsible owner, considerate neighbor, and environment lover.Pet waste templeton

As a pet owner, it is your “doodie” to clean up after your pet. As a neighbor, your fellow neighbors likely consider poop on their lawn unpleasant; it’s not necessarily the surprise they are looking forward to seeing. And, as someone who cares for the environment, it’s important for you to understand the impacts of leaving pet waste on the grass or on sidewalks.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But isn’t dog poop biodegradable and good for the soil?” In fact pet waste pollutes the environment and poses a health risk to humans. According to the EPA, dog poop is about as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills are, and dog waste is actually the #3 cause of water pollution in the United States. This is because when left on the grass or streets, pet waste can be washed into storm drains, streams, lakes and other bodies of water that people come into contact with. One pound of dog poop can contain 10 billion fecal coliform bacteria. Pet waste can spread diseases such as E. coli, giardisis, campylobacteriosis, toxocariasis and salmonellosis. Increased bacteria in our waterways means increased illnesses. Dog poop can also damage marine life because decaying organic matter can also reduce oxygen levels for aquatic animals.

So, for the sake of the environment, yourself and fellow human beings: pick up after your dog. After all, it’s your “doodie.”