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    A Clean “Bum” May Increase Your Sewer Bill

    PLEASE Don’t Flush WIPES (Sanitary/Baby/Kitchen) Down the Toilet! The growing popularity of “flushable” sanitary wipes is causing sewer problems all Full Article

    Hard Water & Water Softeners

    The term ‘hard water’ refers to water that has a high mineral content. Groundwater in our area is hard because Full Article

    High Tech Trash

    Toxic piles of your old cell phones Electronic waste, or e-waste, describes discarded electronic devices or equipment. Electronic gadgets have Full Article

    Household Hazardous Waste

    Household hazardous wastes are common household items containing hazardous substances or toxic chemicals that pose a threat to human health, Full Article

    Let’s Talk Trash & Recycling

    Templeton CSD Conservation Intern Maria Kisyova interviewed Brad Goodrow with Mid-State Solid Waste and Recycling about what can and cannot Full Article

    Planting at the Templeton Community Garden

    Templeton opened the gate to the Community Garden on March 1 and, since its opening, the garden has been cultivated Full Article

    Keep Your Holidays From Going Up in Flames!

    Templeton Fire Department Offers Fire Prevention Tips  for a Safe and Festive Holiday Season For most of us, the holiday Full Article

    Halloween Fire Safety

    Halloween is a fun time of the year but it’s also an important time to practice fire safety. The occurrence Full Article

    Thanks to Templeton Main Street Flag Campaign Donors

    Fourteen years ago, members of the Templeton Community Services District and Templeton Chamber of Commerce were approached by Templeton Senior Full Article

    TCSD Manager’s Message – Fall 2014

    First, I want to thank all of you who have done such a great job in reducing your water use Full Article
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