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26th annual Chorro Valley Shootout set for Aug. 4-8 


Admission is free and families with children encouraged to attend

–The 26th annual Chorro Valley Shootout will be happening at the San Luis Obispo Sportsmen’s Association Shooting Facility on Hwy 1 in San Luis Obispo August 4-8. Admission is free.

The match is August 4-8 and there is action from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. On Sunday, they will have the Team Shoot and the Top 16 Shoot-off. Those two events will conclude at noon on Sunday. The event is very spectator friendly, and they welcome youngsters. There will be 25 Wild West Vendors on site also. Food, beverages, and Ice Cream from a Vintage Ice Cream Truck will be available.

When it comes to rugged individuals, there is probably no image more formidable than the American cowboy – and a vital element of our history. Cowboy Action Shooting is the sport of shooting Old West Period Firearms at steel targets.

The group’s pistols, rifles and shotguns are either originals or replicas of firearms made prior to 1900. To enhance the ambiance, set the mood, and immerse themselves totally in the cowboy experience, they dress in pre-1900 period-correct western garb. And, to further align themselves to the wild west of the period, shooters select an alias that is reminiscent of the monikers used by cowboys of the day.

The range is set up with “stages” – shooting facades that resemble early western buildings, storefronts, and corrals. They also have their very own “Boot Hill.”

Although the 300 plus cowboys and cowgirls are walking around with holstered pistols, guns do not get loaded until the shooter is at the loading table. Safety officers at each stage ensure the safe loading and unloading of the guns.

Spectators will be required to wear glasses and hearing protection – both of which they can provide. Chorro Valley Regulators has been in existence since 1992; one of the very first Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs.
For more information, call Sam “Cole Younger” Cotton at (805) 550-5000 or go to slosa.org and click “Cowboy Action Shooting.”



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