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Message from Chamber President Rob Rosales 

Templeton Chamber of Commerce

2014 Chamber of Commerce President’s message

Robert Rosales

Robert Rosales

I write this year’s message confident in the future of our business sector and the Templeton community as a whole. While the recession has taken its toll, the region has weathered the worst. Having said that, there is still plenty of work to be done in order to assure our community thrives. However, as long as we maintain sight of what is dear to us; our small town character, quality of life and securing a better life for the youngest members of our community, we will be on the right path.

For the Templeton Chamber of Commerce, the past few years have created some opportunities and lead to some important changes. We have a new office location near the Museum in the Downtown Business District. Our Board has many new faces, giving us some fresh ideas going forward. Sarah Maggelet is our Executive Director, filling the shoes of Berdette Robison, who was instrumental in setting the foundation for our newly established Executive Director position. Sarah, along with admin assistant Jennifer Tallent, will be directing the operations of the organization as we take on a more significant role in representing our business community and expanding the outreach of our organization. Our Ambassadors continue to be the quiet workhorses for the Chamber and our Women in Business are also making adjustments that will better serve their mission.

We continue to be in constant contact with the decision makers in our community such as the Service District officials, Templeton School officials and TAAG representatives. The Chamber also continues to build a better relationship with County officials to assure that Templeton has a voice with those decision-makers. This past year, we also maintained presence in the community by pooling our resources with other Templeton organizations for a number of purposes including donations of thesauruses and dictionaries to our schools and contributions for a number of family and youth activities for our Templeton residents and guests, We continued our sponsorship of a number of annual community events throughout the year. These events serve as great opportunities for family and friends to gather, as well as provide Templeton civic and school organizations a venue to raise funds for their cause.

Through it all, it is important to acknowledge that the Chamber would not be able to accomplish its mission if not for the participation of our members, including added individual sponsorships and volunteerism. And it is just as important to acknowledge that local businesses would not be able to make such investments in our community if not for their patrons continued support of and investment in those businesses.

In this year’s Chamber Guide, you will find useful information about our community, dates of important community events and stories about some of the people and places that make our community a special place. As with much of what we do, this publication is the result of many volunteer hours and the support of our member businesses. So again, Thank You for supporting our local businesses and we will continue to work hard at keeping Templeton a great place to call home.

Robert Rosales
President of the Board Templeton Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade



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