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Weed abatement guidelines for 2016 

weeds–With winter and spring rainfall come wildflowers and weeds. This is a reminder that if you cut and/or spray your property now it will be more manageable in late spring. Due to lack of rainfall for the last three years, many large bushes and trees have been stressed or died. The dead material will need to be removed as part of the abatement process.

Trimming the hedges, cutting the grass, and clearing the fields to make Templeton fire safe is what weed abatement is all about. To assist you in complying with the Templeton Community Services District Weed Abatement Ordinance, the following are minimum acceptable standards.

Weed abatement must be maintained From May 1 through Nov. 30.

Parcels of 3 acres or less must be mowed or disked completely. Parcels three acres and larger may be mowed or disked completely, but at a minimum they must have a soil firebreak around the perimeter and cross breaks at intervals breaking each block in no greater than 1 acre (or as directed by the Fire Department). Firebreaks shall be a minimum of 30-feet in width at perimeters and cross breaks and 50-feet minimum around structures. Down slope clearances from structures shall be a minimum of 100 feet. Clearances around and under oak trees shall be a minimum of 30 feet.

Mower Height and Equipment

Your mower height must be set at a maximum height of three inches unless conditions require a greater height that shall be determined by the Fire Chief. All equipment used for weed abatement work shall be equipped with proper spark arresters, mufflers, etc. A fire extinguisher of pressurized-water or back-pump type shall be required on equipment for immediate accessibility and use.

Please note: Property owners are responsible for weeds from the center line of the public road and throughout their entire property.

2016 Timeline:

May 1: All lots to be in compliance with TCSD requirements as listed above
May 2 – 13: Properties inspected for non-compliance
June 7: TCSD Board holds public hearing for non-compliant lots
June 8: District Contractor authorized to clear non-compliant lots

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