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    Water line flushing to happen this winter 

    Water flushing

    System-wide flushing improves water quality, cleans sediment from water mains

    –To improve the quality of water to customers and clean sediment from the water mains, the Templeton Community Services District typically flushes the entire distribution system annually. However, due to the drought and the district’s efforts to conserve as much water as possible, the system has not been flushed for the last three years. Scheduled system- wide line flushing will take place in December, January and February.

    Sediment and rust can collect in water mains. This can discolor water, cause undesirable tastes and odors and, over time, impede the flow of water through the main. The mains are flushed by operating valves in the street and opening hydrants to force the flow of water in one direction to properly flush the water main. Residents may experience a change in water clarity or pressure fluctuations, but this should pass in a short period of time; if it does not, please call the TCSD office at (805) 434-4900.

    Flushing is also done in response to customer complaints. This type of flushing is usually localized to one street or neighborhood to resolve a particular problem. Flushing also provides an opportunity for district personnel to identify any potential problems in the distribution system that may need attention.



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