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Thanks to Templeton Main Street Flag Campaign Donors 

Fourteen years ago, members of the Templeton Community Services District and Templeton Chamber of Commerce were approached by Templeton Senior Girl Scout Jessica Gibson regarding a Gold Award Project (equivalent to the Boy Scouts’ Eagle Award). She wanted to install brackets on the 24 historic street lights along Templeton’s Main Street, from which flags could be flown on selected holidays throughout the year. Jessica received her Gold Award Project in 1998 and the flags have been proudly displayed since.

In June of this year, the Templeton Community Services District was asked by a member of the community to replace the worn flags with new ones. A Main Street Flag Campaign was held in June wherein individuals, businesses and services clubs were invited to contribute towards the replacement of the flags and flag poles. Within one week the Templeton CSD Office raised approximately $1,000 to replace the flags and flag poles.
Special thanks to the following donors for their generous contributions:
Natalie Klock • Abby Allen • Templeton Market & Deli
Loretta Borges • Keith Aggson • Jessica Aggson
Laurie Ion • Dee Canepa • UMPQUA Bank
Trailer Barn • Bob Bergman • Twin Cities Surveys
Carrie Van Beurden • Rob Rosales • Andrew Ortega
Cailyn Ortega • Judith Dietch • John & Anna Peschong
KPRL • Upscale Resale • Carmel & Naccasha LLP
Steve & Shirley Sigmund • Doug & Melinda Reed • Jeff & Karen Briltz
Templeton Feed and Grain
Templeton Firefighters Association
Templeton Chamber of Commerce
Exchange Club of North San Luis Obispo County

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