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    Templeton plumber reminds residents to check for leaks and conserve water 

    While enjoying the summer, the friendly professionals at North County Plumbing, serving Templeton and all of North County San Luis Obispo, are offering timely tips to help their existing and new customers throughout San Luis Obispo County conserve water, avoid costly water damage, and find help in a hurry when emergencies arise.

    With water shortages topping the headlines throughout most of California, the urgency to conserve this precious resource has given rise to a new way of thinking for home and business owners when it comes to maintaining their property.

    “Water is a vital resource and, with rainfall levels remaining low, we have all become more aware of how even a small leak can lead to waste, loss and damage over time,” says North County Plumbing Owner Paul Garcia. Local, family-owned and operated, the business has provided service throughout San Luis Obispo County since 1997. “During the summer months, we tend to see an increased number of broken water pipes throughout the county.”

    The reason for this increase, according to Garcia, is the sometimes-drastic changes in temperature that often occur – it’s not unusual for a homeowner in Atascadero or Paso Robles to experience 40-degree weather in the early morning hours and then feel the outside temperature rise to 98 by mid-afternoon. This can wreak havoc on already-weak water pipes and may result in a small crack becoming a full-blown water disaster inside or outside the home.

    Garcia and his knowledgeable, professional staff at North County Plumbing of Templeton offer the following tips for home and business owners:

    • Templeton Plumber

      Paul Garcia, owner of North County Plumbing, proudly serves Templeton residents and businesses.

      Check for leaks around faucets, toilets, showers and outdoor water sources.

    •     Look under sinks and check pipes for moisture, warped surfaces, mold and mildew.
    •     Check for rust or wet spots around water heaters and washing machines.
    •     Does your water meter dial move when nobody is using water? If so, you may have a leak.
    •     Look for streaks inside and around bottom of toilet – this often indicates a leak.
    •     Shimmering-look at water level in toilet bowl may indicate unnecessary water leaking.
    •     Pay heed to new or unusual noises near water sources.
    •     Discoloration on cement on flooring is often the result of leaks in the foundation.
    •     Patches of unusually green grass or weeds in yard are often the result of a leak.
    •     Call North County Plumbing, serving Templeton 24/7 at (805) 237-7586 (PLUM) to get help in a hurry.


    “When it comes to preventing water damage, time is of the essence, so we want to remind all of our customers in Atascadero, Paso Robles, and throughout San Luis Obispo County that North County Plumbing is available to assist whenever and wherever we can,” says Garcia. “We have increased our staffing substantially since the beginning of the year to help better serve our customers and expand our service area.”

    More about North County Plumbing

    North County Plumbing is a fully insured and bonded plumbing contractor specializing in residential and commercial plumbing. With a full fleet of vehicles and qualified technicians, the business has maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and services all of San Luis Obispo County 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    For help in a hurry or to find out more ways to conserve water and prevent water damage, call North County Plumbing at (805) 237-7586(PLUM), (805) 543-7586(PLUM), or visit http://www.northcountyplumbinginc.com.



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