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    Templeton Hills Adventist School celebrates a new school year 


    School hosts first day of school barbecue

    –First day of school is always an exciting event. New clothes, brightly colored supplies, and friends not seen for a couple of months, as well as new friends to meet. Teachers are smiling, classrooms are clean and orderly, even the books look inviting. The first day is an awesome one – that’s for sure, but… wait… Barbecue?! Who has barbecue on the first day of school?! At Templeton Hills Adventist School (THAS) it became a tradition to treat students and parents with a vegetarian barbecue meal for lunch. The School Board members prepare delicious food and the entire school community has a great time socializing, eating, and playing games. THAS, being a Christian school, with certainty claims that the family that prays together stays together. Now, the students and their parents can add that the family that eats and plays together will have strong bonds and great relationships. One of the students said, “Barbecue was a lot of fun! And the cookies for dessert were the best.” Another student mentioned that the first day was a celebration of coming back to school. It is wonderful to see that families enjoy the beginning of school.

    This year, each student in 3-8 classroom has a swivel chair. The children enjoy being mobile while working on their assignments. Big aquarium with fresh water fish is one of the places of interest. Students enjoy watching the fish and taking turns in the feeding schedule. A freshly painted K-2 classroom is homey and comfortable. The reading center gained two couches and students can hardly wait for the story hour, during which time they cuddle with their stuffed animals to listen to the book of the day. Afternoon worships also happen on the couch. Students talk about their blessings and their concerns addressing them in a group prayer. In the morning students tell the class at least one good thing that happened to them the previous evening, after school. It is a tradition to start a new school day with positive attitudes and grateful hearts. In science and math class, the daily goal is to answer two questions: what did you notice and what do you wonder about. Every afternoon, students have an opportunity to learn practical skills, such as sewing, woodworking, cooking, and gardening. Playtime is necessary and is loved by everyone. Teacher guided, student-led games are a good base for building and strengthening relationships between young people. It is also an opportunity for building great imaginations. Physical education, art, and music programs are centered on cooperation and are non-competitive. Children feel free to express themselves without unnecessary pressure and stress.

    New beginnings bring changes. At the school setting, teachers desire that the changes would be always positive and exciting. At THAS, education consists of spiritual growth, relationship-building, character development, and academic achievements. The beginning of the new school year, especially the first day of school barbecue, was certainly fun for everyone. Hopefully, the children’s learning this school year will be as pleasant as their first day of school and as sweet as their favorite cookies.



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