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    Templeton girls JV basketball ends with 14-0 record 

    The Templeton High School girls junior  varisty basketball team.

    The Templeton High School girls junior varsity basketball team.

    By Heather Young

    The Templeton High School girls junior varsity basketball team finished its season this month with a 14-0 record in the Los Padres League and a 20-1 overall record. Team parent Cynthia Nicholson said that the team outscored most of their opponents by 20 points or more. Coach Jack Rodda said the team went undefeated in the Santa Maria Christmas tournament.

    With a 15-year history coaching basketball in the North County, having coached the North County Titans and a team in the Templeton Recreation League, Rodda said this junior varsity team was the best team he’s ever coached. He noted that the teams he’s coached in the past have been great teams, but this one really gave teamwork its all.

    “Basically, it was a group of girls — the sums were greater than their parts,” Rodda said. “Every game every girl on the team got played in. The girls on the bench had as much enthusiasm as the girls on the floor. [Their team work] was a beautiful thing to see.”

    A highlight for the team, Rodda said, was beating the Lompoc and Cabrillo high school teams, twice. He said that both teams were good, so the wins were big for them. At the end of each season, Rodda said he usually gives a Most Improved Player award, but this year he gave it to the entire team because he saw them all improve greatly from the beginning of the season to the end. He gave the Standing TALL award to team captain Sierra King. TALL stands for teamwork, attitude, leader and love of the game and love of the team.

    Not only did the team have a near perfect overall record, Rodda also got to have his daughter Mandy Rodda as his assistant coach.

    “This was a dream season,” Rodda said.

    The junior varsity team was made up freshmen and sophomores and one junior. Templeton High School has varsity and junior varsity teams, but no freshmen team.

    “A large majority of these girls are expected to play varsity next year. They’re ready,” Rodda said.

    The 2014-15 team included:

    • Tess Willardson #40
    • Lily Ryan #23
    • Sierra “S.J.” King #32
    • Sarah Rietkerk #24
    • Jasmyn Hamers #11
    • Karen Nicholson #21
    • Nyhoni Foster #20
    • Shelby Sudbrink #12
    • Ashley Aguirre #34
    • Chanel Halderman #24
    • Vanessa Urciuoli #22



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