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Templeton fire department swears in new firefighter 

firefighter templetonOn May 19, the Templeton Community Service District Fire Department welcomed a new firefighter trainee. Firefighter Luke Yessner was sworn in by Interim Fire Chief Bill White as Templeton’s newest firefighter.

Firefighter Yessner participated in an extensive six-month training process which included over 80 hours of training in the San Luis Obispo County Paid Call Firefighter Academy and with the Templeton Fire Department.

Once a firefighter has completed the basic training, he or she must go through specific training on the standard operating procedures and policies Templeton utilizes. The six months of intensive training concluded with a cumulative performance evaluation supervised by the department’s training officer.

“We are very proud of firefighter Yessner’s accomplishments and could not be more pleased with his performance and dedication to the community of Templeton,” said Fire Captain/Training Officer Brandon Wall who supervised Yessner’s training.

Firefighter Yessner started with the Templeton Fire Department in September of 2014, where he received the encouragement of his brother, who was also a Templeton firefighter.

“My brother was with the department at the time and was a huge influence in my decision to pursue a fire and emergency services career,” said Yessner. “The camaraderie of our personnel and their dedication to their community is unparalleled, and I am very proud to serve,” said Yessner.

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