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    Templeton CSD offering recycling grants 

    Applications now available Recycle grants Templeton

    –The Templeton Community Services District is announcing its 2016 Recycling Grant Program.

    Business owners in Templeton are encouraged to, “green up” their businesses. This program may help in becoming more sustainable and “green” while saving money. Grants are targeted towards the implementation of programs/projects that establish and/or promote recycling in our community.

    Applications will be available online and in-office. They will be due by Feb. 19. Grantees will be chosen on March 18, and projects may begin immediately thereafter.

    Examples of appropriate projects include:

    1. Source reduction and reuse programs (composting, grass-cycling, substituting disposable containers).

    2. Composting programs (school- or office-based).

    3. Recycling Styrofoam products (cups, food trays, etc.)

    4. A monthly clean-up program (can be aimed at skate park, all of Templeton, etc) where Templeton could fund clean-up materials and equipment.

    5. The implementation of a “reuse a shoe” program (get employees involved by donating their shoes that can be picked up and taken to participating stores, e.g. Nike).

    Another possibility is having a loan of TCSD trash/recycling dumpsters for your business to use, which could serve as part of a grant application or a standalone application.

    Last year’s recipients implemented programs and reported excellent successes. The Vineyard Dog Park used funds for a one-year supply of biodegradable dog bags, keeping non-biodegradable bags out of landfills. The Wellness Kitchen purchased glass containers to eliminate the use of disposable containers, as well as cooling paddles to help with water conservation. The Templeton Lions Club used grant funds to purchase recycling containers for the American Legion Hall. They also bought paper cups as a replacement for Styrofoam cups. Templeton Elementary School utilized funds for their outdoor education area, where students learn about sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

    Direct any further questions to Templeton CSD Conservation Intern Maria Kisyova at (805) 434-4900 or conservation@templetoncsd.org.



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