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    Templeton community invited to voice opinions 

    Planning meeting held Feb 27templetoncsd

    —The local community and public is invited to attend an upcoming Board Strategic Planning Workshop on Tuesday, February 27th that will address the status of goals set for 2017-2019.

    The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Templeton CSD Board Meeting Room located at 206 5th Street, Templeton. The public will be given an opportunity to comment during the review process.

    Below is a listing of the 2017/19 goals that will be addressed:
    1.Water – Enhance reliability and availability of water resources

    2.Wastewater – Improve wastewater operational safety, reliability, efficiency, and financial sustainability.

    3.Financial sustainability – Develop a long-term approach to CSD’s financial needs with effective policies to fund CSD service delivery.

    4.Strategic relationships – Pursue collaboration opportunities with other entities to enhance service to the community.

    5. Fire – Enhance sustainability of emergency service delivery.

    6. Parks and recreation – Maintain current level of support for parks and recreation.

    7.Expertise for the future

    Residents are invited to make comments in person, by mail (P.O. Box 780, Templeton, CA 93465) or via e-mail at ion@templetoncsd.org www.templetoncsd.org.





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