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Templeton announces recipients of recycling grants 

The Templeton Community Services District announced on Monday the recipients of 2014 Recycling Grants Program.

Templeton Recycling grantsThe Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center was awarded $2,540 for a two-part program. The first part of the program will replace disposable containers with reusable glass containers. These containers are used to deliver healing foods to clients who are in critical need and undergoing treatment for disease. The second part of the program will help the Wellness Kitchen purchase a compost tumbler in order to turn all of the kitchen waste created in to reusable compost for their garden, where they grow much of the produce used in their kitchen.

Vineyard Dog Park was awarded $1,418 for a program to replace plastic dog waste bags with biodegradable dog bags. This program will keep up to 20,000 non-biodegradable bags out of our landfill this year alone!

Templeton High School will begin a program to institute a food waste recycling program, use of funds to purchase a vermicomposting bin and other items in order to create a school garden, where produce from the garden will be used in the school cafeteria with a grant of $4,000.

Templeton Unified School District was awarded $5,000 to go towards a program to replace styrofoam food trays with paper trays. This program, called POST (Paper Over Styrofoam Trash) will keep an astonishing 105,000 Styrofoam trays out of our landfill.

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