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Be safe during winter holidays with fire prevention tips 

Make holiday decorating and entertaining safe and fun for all

–Holidays are a time for families and friends to gather together, but that also mean a greater risk for fire. Following a few simple tips will ensure a happy and fire-safe holiday season.

Holiday decorating

Be careful with holiday decorations. Choose decorations that are flame-resistant or flame-retardant.
Keep lit candles away from decorations and other things that can burn.
An alternative to traditional candles are battery-operated candles. Battery operated candles have improved greatly over the last several years, and can now be purchased with remote controls, timers, and flame-flickering features.

Holiday entertaining

Test smoke alarms before the holiday season and have an escape plan.
Keep children and pets away from lit candles.
Keep matches and lighters up high and out of children’s reach.
Stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stovetop.
Blow out lit candles when leaving a room or going to bed.
Turn off all light strings and decorations before leaving home or going to bed.
For safety’s sake, never leave a fire unattended. Yes, this means don’t go to sleep with a fire blazing away.

Templeton Fire & Emergency Services wishes you and yours a happy and safe holiday season!

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