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    Register cell phones for reverse 911 system 


    –On behalf of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, Public Information Officer Tony Cipolla is urging residents to register cell phones with the Reverse 911 system.

    “The Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages residents of San Luis Obispo County to register their cell phones with the Reverse 911 system to be alerted of emergencies, evacuation orders, missing persons and Amber Alerts in their area,” stated Cipolla. “It’s a simple process to register your cell phone. And, it’s all designed with your safety in mind.”

    Register individual phones for the Reverse 911 system by going to the Sheriff’s website at slosheriff.org/reverse_911. Doing so will allow those registered to be notified by the Sheriff’s Office in case of an emergency.

    Some frequently-asked questions about the Reverse 911 system:
    Q: Do you already have my phone number?
    A: If you have conventional land line service to your home or office, even if it is unlisted, your number is automatically in the Reverse 911 database.
    Q: What if I have voice over internet service?
    A: If you have digital or internet telephone service, check with your phone provider to see if they are “E911 compliant” and that your account information is correct.
    Q: Will my number be shared or sold?
    A: Absolutely not. Your number will only be used to communicate official messages.
    Q: Can I add more than one cell phone number to my address?
    A: Use the Self Registration Portal to add cell phones to your actual address. The system will not accept Post Office boxes, only physical street address.
    Q: I have call screening to discourage telemarketers. Will I receive Reverse 911?
    A: Perhaps. If your system simply requires a valid caller ID, we will get through. However, in a natural disaster or other emergency you should disable your blocking.
    Q: I live in a remote area, sometimes my location is hard to find.
    A: The system is geographically based. Use the Self Registration Portal to increase your chances of being notified properly.
    Q: What do I do if I have problems with registration?
    A: If you have problems with registration you can either leave a voice message at (805) 788-2353 or send an email to reverse911@slosheriff.org.

    Please note: Reverse 911 is simply another tool to assist individuals in an emergency, but with any system, it may not be 100 percent effective. Please make sure to monitor the local Emergency Alert System provided by television and radio stations, while also checking the County Office of Emergency Services website at slocounty.ca.gov/oes for additional information during fires or other natural disasters.

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