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    Recycling grants offered in Templeton 

    Templeton Community Services District

    Business owners in Templeton are encouraged to “green up” their businesses. The Templeton Community Services District has a recycling grant program that may help local businesses in becoming more “green” and sustainable while saving money. A grant application for the 2015 recycling grants is available online for review and use. The grants are targeted towards the implementation of programs and projects that establish and promote recycling in our community.

    Some examples of appropriate projects include:

    • Source reduction and reuse programs – composting, grass-cycling, substituting disposable containers
    • Composting programs – school, or office-based
    • Recycling Styrofoam products – cups, food trays, etc.
    • A monthly clean-up program, at a specific site, where a grant could fund clean-up materials and equipment
    • The implementation of a “reuse a shoe” program


    Last year’s recipients implemented programs that had excellent successes. The Wellness Kitchen used their grant towards replacing disposable containers with reusable glass, as well as purchasing a compost tumbler for kitchen waste. The Templeton Unified School District started a Styrofoam elimination program, which assisted in keeping 105,000 Styrofoam trays out of our landfill. The Vineyard Dog Park kept 20,000 non-biodegradable dog waste bags out of our landfill by replacing them with biodegradable bags.

    Applications will be due March 6, 2015. For the Recycling Grants Program guidelines and application, please visit the Templeton Community Services District website at templetoncsd.org.



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