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    Recycling grants application deadline extended 

    The Templeton Community Services District, or TCSD, has officially extended the application deadline for recycling grants applicants to Friday, March 27. This program is geared towards implementing projects that establish and/or promote recycling within the community. There is a total of $30,000 available, with a $5,000 maximum per applicant.

    “As business owners are always encouraged to ‘green up’ their businesses, this grant program is ideal in helping do so while helping business owners save money by funding the necessary costs associated with going green,” said TCSD Conservation Intern Maria Kisyova. “For example, if your business is interested in switching over from styrofoam cups and/or food trays to paper or glass cups/food trays, the district would be interested in funding the cost of new cups/food trays. There are a variety of different projects that could be implemented and funded. Projects are open to any kind of businesses, from foodservice to offices.”

    Templeton community services

    The following list may spark some ideas for business owners

    • Source reduction and reuse programs, such as: grass-cycling, styrofoam elimination, or substituting disposable containers with glass
    • Composting programs
    • A monthly clean-up program (aimed at an area of your choice – District could fund materials and equipment)
    • A “reuse-a-shoe” program (get employees involved by donating their shoes that can be picked up and taken to participating stores)

    “We do encourage creativity, so we are open to unique ideas as long as they comply with the program’s overall rules and expectations,” Kisyova said.

    The guidelines and application are available online at templetoncsd.org, under the “Conservation” link. Please contact Kisyova with any questions at either (805) 434-4900 or conservation@templetoncsd.org. Should your business need help filling out the application, Kisyova will be available to set up an appointment to do so.




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