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Recycling grant program helps businesses 


Save money, become more sustainable in 2017

–Business owners in Templeton have always been encouraged to “green up” their businesses. To help, the Templeton Community Services District has a recycling grant program that may help business owners become more sustainable while also saving money.

This program supports the implementation of projects or programs that promote the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – in the local community. Examples of appropriate projects include: starting a compost program; implementing a “reuse-a-shoe” program in the office; replacing disposable containers with reusable containers, and substituting Styrofoam products with paper or biodegradable products.
Grants are available for businesses and commercial accounts that are local in Templeton. A grant application for the 2016-2017 recycling grants will be available online in December of 2016 at templetoncsd.org. Applications will be due at the end of January 2017, and grant winners will be notified within one to two weeks.

Once approved, recipients will need to read and sign a grant agreement; once signed, grantees may begin their projects. TCSD uses Solid Waste Franchise Fee monies to cover the grant. Recipients will be reimbursed via check only after turning in a copy of their receipt(s). The project deadline will be August or September 2017, and late receipts will not be accepted.

Businesses that may benefit from the grant are encouraged to sign up for the program. For questions, contact the TCSD office at (805) 434-4900.

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