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    Petersen and Pelfrey win TCSD seats 


    Candidates for the TCSD: Clockwise from top left are Gwen R. Pelfrey, Wayne Petersen, Navid Fardanesh and Rob Rosales.

    Retired auditor Wayne Petersen and retired bank executive Gwen Pelfrey were the top two vote-getters for the Templeton Community Services District director seats. Their challengers were dentist Navid Fardanesh and real estate broker Rob Rosales. Out of 3,928 registered Templeton voters, 1,621 — 41.3 percent — voted on Tuesday.

    “I will listen, share ideas and opinions, study the issue”s and always be prepared,” Petersen said prior to the election. “Be professional, and demonstrate by example a strong work ethic.”

    “I believe the future will require Templeton to have greater involvement with the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, the planning commission and county staff as Templeton balances the needs of the community and utilizes the resources available to our community. I would like to be part of this process and help guide TCSD’s future,” Pelfrey said before the election. “I want to give back to my community and to preserve the nature and meaning of historic Templeton.”

    Templeton Community Services District election results

    • Wayne Petersen, 29.92 percent – Elected
    • Gwen R. Pelfrey, 27.12 percent – Elected
    • Rob Rosales, 23.98 percent
    • Navid Fardanesh, 18.55 percent



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