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Meeting discusses history and needs of Templeton Fire Department 

Save Templeton Fire conducted an informational meeting Monday night at Twin Cities Community Hospital. Templeton Fire Chief Bill White talked about the history of the fire department and future needs for the department to continue operating.

Templeton Community Services District General Manger Jeff Briltz talked about the structure of the fire department and how the department is funded. Briltz explained that only 8.4-percent of property taxes collected in Templeton goes to the Community Services District. The other 91.6-percent goes to the county. He described Templeton’s unsuccessful efforts to secure a greater percentage of that revenue from the county.

Jessica Main of the Templeton Chamber of Commerce talked about the benefits of the fire department to the community, and how losing the department may impact residents home insurance costs. Measure A is a vote-by-mail election. The ballots were sent out July 27th, so people should begin receiving those ballots Tuesday.

Voters have until Aug. 27 to return those ballots to the County Clerk-Recorder. Residents can register to vote in the election until Aug. 13., if it’s approved by 67% of voters, Measure A will impose a $180 annual parcel tax on all property owners in the Templeton CSD to generate about $450,000 for the Templeton Fire Department. The increased revenue will allow the fire department to hire more staff, so that there’s always at least one full-time firefighter at the department.

Tuesday evening, supporters of Measure A will walk precincts to campaign for the ballot measure. Precinct walkers will also be out on Saturday in the Templeton Community Services District.



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