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Meet our 2 Tropical Gals 

Helping to protect clients from identity theft

Mother and daughter of 2 Tropical Gals

MeShawn and Rose are a mother daughter consulting team.

Local business “2 Tropical Gals” is a daughter/mother partnership co-owned and operated by MeShawn & Rose Hunt. They provide personal and business risk management plus small business and administrative consulting. The two gals are happy to team up to share information and bring awareness about a growing issue for business owners and individuals alike: identity theft.

According to the Gals, there is a lot more to identity theft than just finances. Ignoring identity theft can affect our credit, and our life and even our health too.

Identity theft has been the number one consumer complaint received by the Federal Trade Commission for the last 14 years. As a matter of fact, more is spent fighting identity theft than on the War on Drugs. While everyone is at risk, children, seniors, and service members tend to be the biggest targets.

The Gals shared the six different types of identity theft, though they frequently overlap within the same crime:

  • Financial: Thieves gain access to our bank accounts, credit cards, etc. This crime can reach far beyond just money.
  • Character/Criminal: Someone commits a crime in your name. Imagine: a quiet country drive could result in an unplanned stay in jail.
  • Medical: Definitely on the rise.
  • Employment/Social Security/IRS: Social Security Numbers and other Personally Identifying Information (PII) are easily obtained.
  • Driver Licenses: Their picture + your name + my number + someone else’s address =?
  • Minor (Child) Identity Theft: Minors are at risk for ALL forms of identity theft. Why? Thieves often have up to 18 years to use the child’s information before a crime is discovered!


With no “silver bullet” available and prominent signs of extensive growth, identity theft extends its reach daily. The innovation and imagination of thieves is limitless. Single or married, one child or more, young or old, everyone is at risk!

The 2 Tropical Gals proudly represent Harvard Risk Management Corporation in bringing the most innovative, top of the line risk management products to small and home-based businesses, individuals, and families. They protect their client’s rights and identities.

Visit them on the web at www.2tropicalgals.com, find them on Facebook, or give them a call: MeShawn: (805) 423-2246, and Rose (805) 423-4612.

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