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    Make sure your address can be seen – It Could Save Your Life! 

    Address numberA visible address is essential for fire department personnel and/or other emergency providers to respond quickly to a call for help. Too often, emergency personnel have difficulty locating an address because homes are not clearly identified.

    A visible address consists of a minimum of three-inch (3”) numbers on a contrasting background. If possible, these numbers should be located at three locations:

    1) On each side of your mailbox.
    2) On the front part of your home where it can be easily seen.
    3) Painted on the curb in front of your home or on a monument type sign located near the public street for rural homes.

    Take the address challenge… stand out in front of your home and locate your address. Can it be read from the street? Can it be seen at night? If you cannot find it (or it is difficult to read or locate) it’s time to update. You want to ensure that emergency responders can find you easily!



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