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    Learn about the benefits of rain barrels 


    –Having a rain barrel allows one to capture rainwater in order to reap a number of environmental and monetary benefits.

    Rain barrels help with:

    • Water conservation: Using rainwater to water gardens conserves potable water.
    • Lowering water bills: Along with lower water usage comes lower water bills.
    • Protect creeks, rivers, and oceans: Capturing rainwater helps reduce the amount of stormwater that flows into local waterways. This can decrease the amount of pollutants – such as pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste and automotive fluids – going into important bodies of water.
    • Recharging underground aquifers: By allowing rainwater to infiltrate into permeable surfaces like a lawn or garden, local groundwater storage is replenished.

    Templeton residents are strongly encouraged to take these benefits into account, do a bit of extra research, and consider installing a rain barrel on their property. The Rain Barrel Guide (rainbarrelguide.com) has more information on the benefits of rain barrels, types of rainwater harvesting systems, how to assemble a rain barrel, and where to purchase rain barrels.

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