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    Educational facilities in Templeton 

    Templeton Unified School District

    Templeton Unified School District

    The Templeton Unified School District is located in Templeton, California and includes Templeton Elementary School, Vineyard Elementary School, Templeton Middle School, Templeton High School, Templeton Home School, Templeton Independent Study High School, and Eagle Canyon High School.

    Templeton Elementary School

    Templeton Elementary serves grades TK-2. They support a balanced curriculum rich in opportunities for children to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically. The school has been named a California Distinguished School. Jill Southern, Principal Templeton Elementary School, 215 8th St., Templeton, CA 93465, (805) 434-5820, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.

    Vineyard Elementary School

    Vineyard Elementary School is the only site in Templeton serving students in grades 3-5. Vineyard Elementary School has been recognized as a California Distinguished School and a National Blue Ribbon School. Students are afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment activities, including a school garden, Bucket Busters and the SLO Orchestra. Some of these activities are offered after school, which provides students with a nurturing, supportive and supervised environment. Laura Brooks, Principal, Vineyard Elementary School, 2121 Vineyard Dr., Templeton, CA 93445, (805) 434-5840, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.

    Templeton Middle School

    Templeton Middle School delivers a balanced academic curriculum in language arts, math, science, social science and technology, which teaches basic skills and provides enrichment and accelerated learning opportunities. Students also have physical education classes and elective opportunities such as instrumental music, chorus, art, community projects, publications, and environmental studies. Kristina Benson, Principal Templeton Middle School, 925 Old County Rd., Templeton, CA 93465, (805) 434-5813, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.

    Templeton High School

    Templeton High School enjoys a reputation of academic excellence achieved through a thinking-and-meaning-centered curriculum, active student involvement, student leadership, athletics, and a quality vocational agricultural program and visual and performing arts program. Students are afforded the opportunity to enroll in as many as 13 advanced placement courses. High schools of Templeton’s size do not typically offer such an expanded course selection. Specialized courses allow students to enroll in courses designed to expand their horizons in the fields of agriculture, science and technology. TA new student union opened in January 2014 to provide students with an opportunity for academic support outside the school day or simply a safe place to hang with their friends. Andrew Cherry, Principal Templeton High School, 1200 Main St., Templeton, CA 93465, (805)434-5888, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.

    Templeton Home School

    Templeton Home School provides an alternative learning environment for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Students meet once a week with their teacher and parent to review the week’s assignments and receive assignments for the coming week. Templeton’s program offers more than the traditional home school program with numerous enrichment opportunities that include group field trips to the Santa Barbara Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and nature walks throughout the beautiful area in which we live. Joe Koski, Superintendent/Principal, 2121 Vineyard Drive, Templeton, CA 93465, (805) 434-5833, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.

    Templeton Independent Study High School

    Templeton Independent Study High School provides an alternative high school program (grades 9 – 12) with a flexible schedule where students meet with their instructor once a week to receive and evaluate assignments completed at home. The TISHS curriculum and graduation requirements are the same as those of Templeton High School. Joe Koski, Superintendent, 950 Old County Rd., Templeton, CA 93465, (805) 434-5833, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.

    Eagle Canyon High School

    Eagle Canyon High School is a continuation high school providing our students with an alternative path to earn their high school diploma. We seek to empower students to become productive members of the community by providing quality learning opportunities in academic skills, life skills, positive self-concept and developing effective relationships with others. ECHS students are encouraged to perform community service and be involved in their community. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve success and strive to maintain a program consistent with the high standards that our district demands. Joe Koski, Superintendent, 964 Old County Rd., Templeton, CA 93465, (805) 434-5833, tusd.ca.schoolloop.com.



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