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El Pomar Manor

3475 El Pomar Drive Templeton CA 93465

El Pomar Manor in Templeton, California 93465 is a residential care facility with 6 licensed beds, compared to the state average of 15. See information on health care quality in residential care facilities, why quality matters to you, and how you can help get the care you deserve.

Some California residential care facilities provide better care than others. The CalQualityCare.org website provides data on California residential care facilities licensing, inspections, citations, complaints, deficiencies, penalties, clients served, care needs, oversight, regulation, locked perimeters, and delayed exits.

Free and easy-to-use, CalQualityCare.org offers unbiased information on the quality of California residential care facilities, along with tips and checklists about how to choose a facility, questions to ask, how to pay for care, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Better information enables smarter choices when making medical decisions. Publicly available information about health care quality — and consumers eager to consider quality in their medical decisions — will improve the health care system.

Why be concerned about quality? Even common tasks can go wrong in a facility. When you pay attention to quality, you can better protect yourself. What is quality? Quality care is not always more expensive care, the newest technology, or many tests and treatments. Quality care is safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. How does quality affect you? Hear about patients' experiences where better care would have made a difference. Get the quality you deserve. Take steps to make sure you choose the best facility for you.

When choosing a California residential care facility, be sure to understand your particular needs and the roles that facility staff play in your care; check your insurance coverage and out of pocket costs; and consider the facility’s location and other features and services. - See more at: http://www.calqualitycare.org/providers/assisted-living/residential-care/profile?id=405801816#sthash.tlkOVXBY.dpuf

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