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    Director Navid Fardanesh

    Director Navid Fardanesh, Templeton Chamber of Commerce –Navid Fardanesh, D.D.S., is a Templeton resident and newly elected Chamber Board Member. Full Article

    Director Jeff Briltz

    Director Jeff Briltz, Templeton Chamber of Commerce –Jeff Briltz is the General Manager of Templeton Community Services District. Jeff has Full Article

    Director Dee Canepa

    Director Dee Canepa, Templeton Chamber of Commerce –Dee Canepa is the Vice President and Manager of the Umpqua Bank in Full Article

    Make sure your address can be seen – It Could Save Your Life!

    A visible address is essential for fire department personnel and/or other emergency providers to respond quickly to a call for Full Article

    Educational facilities in Templeton

    The Templeton Unified School District is located in Templeton, California and includes Templeton Elementary School, Vineyard Elementary School, Templeton Middle Full Article

    Templeton Community Services District 2015/2016 Goals

    The Templeton Community Services District Board of Directors held a strategic planning session on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 to set Full Article

    2015 Templeton weed abatement rules

    As of the writing of this article, Templeton has received below average rainfall. Hopefully more rain is on the horizon. Full Article

    Templeton residents: Dress your lawn for success!

    Dress your lawn for success with aeration and top-dressing today! Aeration allows water, air and nutrients to reach the roots. Full Article

    Where does Templeton’s water come from?

    The district relies on a combination of several different water sources to provide a sustainable water supply to its customers. Full Article

    Do’s and don’ts of watering

    Do 1) Use a sprinkler system. 2) Fix leaks and replace broken heads. 3) Utilize timers. 4) Follow a watering Full Article
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