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    Residential & Commercial Security 

    Residential and Commercial Security tips

    Protecting your home or business from burglary, robbery, and vandalism may seem like a daunting task, but there are many services offered by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office that may assist you. These services are offered to you at no cost, and do not take a lot of your valuable time.security-toolkit-2_sm

    Residential and Commercial Security Survey
    • This survey takes about an hour of your time, with a complete walk-through of your home or business, conducted by a Crime Prevention Specialist. Areas vulnerable to break-ins are identified and suggestions are made regarding better ways to secure those particular areas. Different types of lighting and other deterrents are also discussed.
    Extra Patrol, Vacation Checks & More
    • If you are going on vacation or there have been problems with your or neighboring businesses after hours, you can request extra patrol through your local SLO Sheriff’s Office. A deputy will drive by and observe if there appears to be any suspicious activity at your business, in your neighborhood or near your residence.
    • Another great service is the vacation check – visit or call your local Sheriff’s Office and request a “Vacation Check.” Trained volunteers will observe your home and report any suspicious activity that is occurring near or at your home and a deputy will respond to check it out.
    • Request that a trusted neighbor report any suspicious activity occurring at or near your home. If you have not discontinued newspaper and/or mail delivery, have that neighbor pick up your mail, newspaper, and any packages that may be delivered in your absence.
    • Make your home appear to be occupied – lights on timers, blinds in a “normal” position instead of shut tight, and music playing softly.

    Neighborhood Watch
    • Establish a Neighborhood Watch Group, or have an update meeting if you already have an existing group in your area. You do not have to have Sheriff’s Office personnel come to your meeting, however, the Crime Prevention Unit is always happy to come out and give information to the group. As available, a deputy that patrols your area will stop by the meeting to answer specific questions you may have.
    Neighborhood Watch meetings do not have to be held at any specific interval or last a certain amount of time. The meetings may be held outside, at a community building, or inside a residence in the neighborhood.

    All of the above suggestions are to assist you with securing your home or business. If you have specific questions, would like to have a Security Survey, or establish a Neighborhood Watch feel free to call the Crime Prevention Unit at (805) 781-4483.
    Request Vacation Checks or extra patrol
    • North County: (805) 434-4290
    • Coastal Area: (805) 528-6083
    • South County: (805) 473-7100
    Information provided by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, Crime Prevention Unit



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